Ladies and Gentlemen in the Boardroom

The local association for corporate directors met last week, where they presented a panel whose topic was CEO and Board Communication. The panel was moderated by a gentleman accountant, and the participants were three men and one woman. Statistically parallel to the population breakout as it stands in the entirety of corporate America.

The questions were prepared in advance, and directed to one person then another and another and so on. As I watched, I noticed that after four questions my chin was clear down on my chest. I was in total shock at the amazingly bad manners being displayed. You see, not once was the woman participant asked to comment. Not first, not second, and not even third. She had to take a mic, jump in and interrupt the moderator who was about to speak again, apologize, then make her statement. Even more appalling was watching the men look out to their friends in the audience as she spoke and noticeably roll their eyes.

You think there is equality around the board table? You think that women are really welcome at The Table? I don’t think you are looking close enough.


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