The Girl’s can Golf

Condoleezza Rice is an amazing and accomplished woman. Although I don’t know Darla Moore I am sure the same is true of her. Their invitation to membership into Augusta National was called “A joyous occasion” by Billy Payne, Chairman of the Club. And Martha Burk of the National Council of Women’s Organizations commented that it is “A milestone for women in business.”


A bunch of old guys decided it is time to let women come play golf with them. Yes, golf. It’s a game. Remember?

They didn’t open up the board room and ask that half of the seated members be women (current count around 22%). They didn’t adopted a goal that within ten years half of  the Fortune 500 companies would have women as CEO’s (current count is eighteen).. They said it is okay for women to come play golf with them.

Pardon me if I can only muster a sarcastic “Yippee” followed by an eye roll.

I understand that members at Augusta National are secretly vetted; sometimes they are “observed” for years before receiving the nod. That doesn’t seem exclusive to me – it seems kind of creepy. And the fact that this year they decided to throw womankind a bone is merely a statement about their own closed minds. Some see it as an entrance into the good-old-boy’s-club. Maybe so. But it isn’t a club that makes any difference in the structure of corporate America, and that’s where the real power is.

Wouldn’t it have been interesting if Condoleezzza would have laughed at the pompous ridiculousness of the whole thing and declined their offer?