Made-Up Words

One of my pet peeves about  business is the incessant need to invent words. I am not sure the purpose of the pursuit, unless the results of confusion and elitism are the goal. As an executive who strives for clarity in all communication, I find the practice annoying.

We are blessed to have many large companies in our region who are able to churn out an abundance of highly trained, organized, systemic thinkers. An unintended consequence (and apparently an unnoticed one as well,) is that these same thinkers believe those made-up words are common vernacular.

Here is my rant for the day:  if I have to sit in one more meeting with a person who can only think in terms of their particular company’s system, or who can’t describe an activity without turning a noun into a verb, I am going to stand up and scream “STOP IT. SPEAK ENGLISH!”

Yesterday I was introduced to the moniker “Teaming”.  Through careful listening and attention to context, I deduced that this is code for all of the activities associated with getting the right employees in the right seats doing the right jobs. Couldn’t we have said just that so that no one was left feeling as if they didn’t know the language being talked around the table? And I could have actually been thinking about the task at hand rather than wondering what was being said?

In the art of communication,  fewer words is the very definition of efficiency. Not only are there  fewer opportunities for confusion, there are expanded opportunities for inclusion.