The REAL story

I have had the material for an amazing book for much longer than I can remember. All of the stories, anecdotes, failures, and successes of my career – and that of my friends – are perfect reading for any woman wanting to know how to climb up a corporate ladder. And stay there should she choose to. As with most writers, I experience the “reluctance wall” as I have come to know it; that block between where I am standing or sitting, and the chair in front of my computer. Kind of like the block I feel when I consider how I will respond to the alarm going off to prompt me to the gym.


Sheryl Sandburg, COO of Facebook, wrote a book along the same theme that I am passionate about. Her book came out to mixed review about both content and sincerity. One of the biggest complaints is that her advice only works for women who have plenty of money and who can outsource the parts of their lives they aren’t interested in. Like laundry. And child care. And, to my particular rant, writing their own book.


I have spent countless hours talking about the content of “Dancing on the Glass Ceiling.” Gathering it, testing it, philosophizing about it, and repeating it. I wish I had the luxury of having a “co-writer” following me around through all of those conversations.  I would have a tome by now rather than a simple self-help-business book.


But I don’t. So I will struggle to write my book the same way I struggled to climb the corporate ladder. I will reach into the tool box and pull out my discipline and time management skills. I will look around my house and decide it doesn’t need to be perfectly clean. I will forego happy hour in order to study technique, create an outline, or perhaps even finish a chapter. And I will get there just as surely as I made it to that ceiling dance.


And all of you other successful women who got there? Maybe you don’t want to write a book about it. But maybe you have a story that you think is worth telling. I would be honored to be your co-writer. Contact me and tell me YOUR story – I will make sure it gets out into the consciousness where those who are seeking can find their muse. I am convinced that the next women walking the plank will get usable information from the stories of real people with real families and real children and real dust. Help me tell the story of us – the scrappy ones who got there in spite of the odds.




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